Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Headlines for 1 February 2005

Microsoft Introduces Its Own Search Service
The Rise Of Business Blogging
Europe fluffs its digital content opportunity
In search of more: the 'friendly' engines that will manage the data of daily life
Dumb Jones & Co.
Web site publisher not liable for content of e-messages, appeals court rules
Study Asserts South Carolina PLs Produce $347 Million Economic Impact
Thomson West to Offer Information Technology Management Services for Law Firms
ALM's Law.Com Launches Legal Technology Center, Featuring News, Software Downloads and Papers
Unleash the Marketing Power of Corporate Blogs and RSS - New Book for Marketers
Thomson Gale Adds Content and Features to Select Databases
McClatchy, UPI Arabia 2000, NoticiasFinancieras News Titles Now Available Via LexisNexis Academic

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