Monday, February 28, 2005

My Lexis Debuts Behind the Firewall: Flexible Desktop Tools, But is it Really New?

The My Lexis personalized portal introduction this week has been a well-packaged fanfare for a collection of features that in some ways seems to be playing catch-up with some of the desktop capabilities offered by Factiva last year in its own innovative style. My Lexis offers a slick setup of search and services objects on its home page that can be rearranged in a drag-and-drop fashion, while federated searching across selected databases such as legal cases, news, statutes and regulations provides earch results categorized by document types for each category and indications of numbers of documents returned, with separate tabs for each set of search results. Links to other LexisNexis products complete the picture. It's a nice implementation, with good usability and thoughtful features that draw together the powerful LexisNexis suite of legal research tools in a more user-centric fashion. But for the most part these kinds of personalization features are not anything that users in major enterprises have not seen in their portal environments already from major software providers. Providing more productivity and usability for users if a good goal, of course, but for the most part major business content aggregators are still playing catch-up with enterprise software vendors in solving their clients' key content usage needs behind the firewall. My Lexis is a productive step in the right direction, but larger steps are needed by business aggregators of all kinds to get their content into more useful and indispensible contexts.
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