Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Thomson Financial News Debuts, Packaging Old and New Sources Anew

The announcement of Thomson Financial News is an interesting positioning of assets both old and new into a product with much more understandable packaging that compares apples-to-apples more easily with offerings from Reuters and Bloomberg. Broad market coverage via new Dow Jones subsidiary MarketWatch provides an important hub of content that allows pieces from Thomson products such as IFR, CCBN, SDC deals data and Thomson First Call to fit into a cohesive news and market commentary framework with extra depth for Global 1000 companies, sectors, fixed income and foreign exchange. It's an important step in taking Thomson away from its legacy of balkanized products that were increasingly difficult to sell as standalones and creating a market presence with a content product that complements the client-centric approach of the Thomson ONE platform. Step by step Thomson is creating a unified, simplified and flexible approach to financial content that makes it easier to understand as a viable alternative to Reuters and Bloomberg. Does it matter that Thomson Financial News is cobbled together from lots of small pieces loosely joined? Given that this is how much of today's successful content is being assembled anyway, this normalized and productized federation of content is very much in line with other developments in news content delivery. Still, additional editorial capabilities from Thomson and others to assemble news and commentary content into more useful packages on the fly hopefully will be in the pipeline in time.
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