Wednesday, March 2, 2005

BlogginWallStreet: Weblogs Offer a New Twist to Market Commentary

When you think back to the early days of, there was an exuberance and simplicity to their product that was not unlike today's weblogs. A little smattering of market data and a stream of comments mostly from Jim Cramer made for a very entertaining and chat-worthy product. Then they had to go get "serious" with VC money, honchos from market data companies who "knew" the content markets and so on. Today's is certainly a serious product, with free and paid subscription components, broad editorial capabilities and sophisticated insights. Unfortunately, though, it winds up being just another good financial portal in the process. Enter BlogginWallStreet, a recently announced offering from EdgeInvest that provides a very raw stream of Street-oriented rants on a wide variety of investor topics with a smattering of market data on the site. Sound familiar? Cramer in his prime was far sharper than this weblog, but it's refreshing to see someone striking out to give an edge to financial markets commentary again in a simple package. Just about anyone can come along now and set up shop as their own self-styled Cramer in the making. The main EdgeInvest offering is InvestorIntelligence, a tool to simplify receiving filtered updates to key business content sources via their desktop application. And this is If I'm in their shoes I'd dump the publisher feeds, do a Jason Calacanis and build a stable of weblogs using competent Street commentators with an ad layer and a subscription layer. Would certainly have a focus and escape the VerticalNet-like blandness of Weblogs Inc. Cramer, we hardly knew ye...
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