Wednesday, March 2, 2005

ClearForest Focuses on Extracting Actionable Intelligence from Content for Publishers and Institutions

ClearForest has been one of the pioneers in text analytics technologies used to create actionable intelligence from reams of content. Like many content technology providers they've decided to tune their marketing message to focus more on the creation of content value as the end product rather than technology. ClearForest recently underscored this shift with their announcement of a "partner ready" version of its upgraded Text Analytics Platform to encourage publishers, enterprises and technology partners to extract and package new forms of useful content out of their existing structured and unstructured data sets. In concept you can turn ClearForest loose on these data sets and let it discover valuable patterns that can be used on the fly or packaged for internal or external publishing. While this kind of enhanced rich data formation may not obsolesce business intelligence professionals or the marketing departments of publishers any time soon it's certainly the kind of tool that can see some significant patterns of usefulness in content long before someone relying on more traditional tools can identify and react to a good number of these opportunities. Identifying the "now-ness" of content value becomes increasingly important in an era when database technologies are ubiquitous but the ability to respond rapidly to content packaging opportunities is still a nascent art. A good repositioning of some long-established technology into more of a vContent profile.
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