Sunday, March 13, 2005

Factbites Searches for Relevance by Looking for...Well, Relevance

There are more new search engines and search techniques than you can count these days, all trying to out-Google google for locating relevant Web pages of content. But what is instead of giving us search results we actually learned something by looking at a page of search results? This is the basic premise of FactBites, a newly announced search engine that takes a very different approach to providng content via search technologies. Instead of just looking for keyword matches, FactBites analyzes the text of documents to figure out if a page has content that actually provides a reasonable quantitiy and quality of information on a given topic - like searching for "wikipedia" entries on the fly, if you will. With this analysis its search results [sample] can look like an outline on a given topic, with highly relevant sentences in the summaries of each of the recommended documents. So not only do you find possible pages that can help you, you can learn an awful lot just by browsing through the search results. It's a great tool for those needing a fast education on a given topic and to make more informed decisions about which document to choose on a given topic. At Shore we've always thought of search results as destination content; Factbites takes this concept a step further than some other search services for people looking for not just a directory to answers but the answers themselves from a variety of sources.
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