Wednesday, March 16, 2005

MONEY Magazine Tunes to Investor Lifestyles: The Mars and Venus of Financial Content

Time, Inc.'s MONEY Magazine has announced the relaunch of the consumer-oriented finance magazine with a new lifestyle focus for its audience which, in their words, "moves beyond its traditional focus on investment to offer guidance in all the areas in which money intersects with readers' lives." The awareness seems to be growing in publishing circles that the blather of daily financial market news and data means very little to the goal-oriented individual investor, who is concerned how their investments are performing in terms of their personal objectives far more than the ins and outs of daily markets. This is of course about 180 degrees away from the majority of financial content thrown at the retail investor today, which is mostly information originally intended for professional traders and investors repackaged for the presumed similar needs of the individual investor. In a strong bull market this information is attractive to the self-designed "hunter-gatherer" goals of some day traders and individuals managing their own portfolios. But if financial markets are from Mars, most retirement-oriented investors are from Venus, using stocks in their younger years to make the killings they need to build a "nest egg" and then shifting to safer investments such as bonds to watch over the nest egg - oftentimes in the hands of women. Looking at financial content from the perspective of investors more concerned with family-oriented personal goals than the macho world of financial markets is a transition that many financial content providers are going to have to consider more carefully as the bullish investor of earlier years gets grayer and softer.
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