Monday, March 28, 2005

News Analysis - The New "New News": News Companies Wrestle with Online News Technologies

In a wave of fast and furious change news organizations are fighting back against search engines and independent classified services with their own services and pointed counterattacks against perceived IP infringements. AFP takes a swing at Google News while Gannett, Knight Ridder and the Tribune take a stake in new search engine Topix and CitiExpress readies a Craigslist alternative - all in one week. It's certainly a very spirited street fight, but one wonders whether these are blows that will have any sort of deep impact on a news industry that won't wait for major publishers to catch up with new aggregation patterns. The news industry was happy to try to catch up with the "New News" promised ten years ago; are they really ready to do battle with the "New 'New News?'"

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