Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Reuters CEO Glocer Focuses on Content Personalization as Key to Revenue Growth

If you have subscription or aggregator access to the Financial Times it's worth pursuing their coverage of a recent speech by Reuters CEO Tom Glocer regarding the personalization of content as a key revenue driver. Glocer outlines the parameters of successful content personalization, including the ability not only to zoom in on personal profiles but to provide content that looks beyond personal horizons to what's important outside of that profile - perhaps up to 20 percent of what an individual needs to know. Glocer is seeing new opportunities to leverage the Reuters brand in more personal venues via the proliferation of consumer-oriented content platforms, with platforms such as "3G" mobile phones providing more control over content monetization options than the ad-driven Web arena. Getting content into more personal contexts is certainly a very key factor for publishers today, yet for a company whose revenues are still driven primarily by the bulk distribution of professionally-oriented financial content there's an irony to be considered in Glocer's words. Reuters can make great inroads in getting its highly respected news product into the hands of more individuals in the content marketplace, but the intransigence of content acquisition methods in the financial industry continue to prevent both Reuters and other major vendors from introducing more progressive revenue models for their core markets in many instances. Individuals understand how to manage the risk of working cooperatively with content suppliers to get their personal needs fulfilled in some ways far better than the corporate set. The scales of risk are obviously different in the corporate space, but there's a need for "just-in-time" content supply chains that move beyond mere speedy delivery to new content sourcing methods that add the right content at the right time in the right context far more effectively than found in today's bulk feed and database production and distribution. The company that does this well will have a new kind of integrity that goes well beyond technology and traditional editorial prowess to a new level of information professionalism.
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