Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Blah Blah on Adobe Acquisition of Macromedia: A Real Platform Opportunity for Content?

The media world is abuzz with coverage of the acquisition of Web publishing and multimedia tools provider Macromedia by Adobe Systems[CNET News coverage], fairly mixed reviews for the most part. There are observations that Adobe couldn't make a slim piece of software to save its life, while Macromedia dominates many segments of Web publishing with its Dreamweaver tools and enjoys heightening popularity of its Flash plugins to deliver online multimedia content. There are also claims that this combination represents a viable cross-platform alternative to Microsoft for content delivery. Hmmm, this last one seems a little far-fetched, but when you throw rights management capabilities already well ensconced in Adobe formats and gaining ground in Flash one does see the outlines of a matrix of rich content delivery capabilities that will have a lot of appeal to both the corporate set and media companies. I leave the analysis of the under-the-bonnet bits to the tech analysts, but with platform proliferation making it more complex for content creators to have effective and efficient cross-platform packaging the combination of these two forces is likely to provide some interesting solutions for publishers of all kinds. And hopefully for good measure the influence of Macromedia will witness the dawn of PDF readers that take less than a good turn of the second hand on my watch to load...
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