Thursday, April 7, 2005

EBSCO Gains Focus for Business Information Users

As noted by Managing Information EBSCO is edging beyond the world of library services with a new interface that services the business information needs of business researchers more directly. The interface is free to specific customers of their Business Source databases and provides query capabilities that focus on relevant content from Academic Journals, SWOT Analyses, Trade Publications, Industry Profiles, Company Profiles, Market Research Reports, and Product Reviews. It's a baby step of sorts compared with the highly user-focused interfaces of business information products such as Hoover's and OneSource's Business Browser, but at least a step towards realigning EBSCO's capabilities with the needs of business professionals supported by their content management capabilities. EBSCO has enormous potential to support end user needs far more efficiently in environments beyond the traditional corporate library model, potential largely untapped to date. Watch this space for more happenings from subscription agents that become intelligent partners in subscription management and content packaging in a far wider range of venues than ever before. Will EBSCO be one of them? Film at 11, as they used to say in the television news trade...
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