Friday, April 22, 2005

Headlines for 22 April 2005

Google Net Soars on Web Ad Boom
DoubleClick Quarterly Profit Falls
DoubleClick sale may be imminent
Analysts: Newspapers Could Lose $4 Billion to Internet
Blinkx Co-Founder Interview: Patterns point to useful data
Taunton's titles stay close to homes
A blog reveals the mind of Sun
Virtual roundtable: Grassroots journalism leaders discuss the nitty-gritty
Odds No Deterrent, as Many Try to Start Magazines
With Adobe acquiring Macromedia, will websites become obsolete?
First Film About Blogs Anticipates the Future of Independent Grassroots Movie Production, Distribution
With Matrix Terminated, Goal Of Law-Enforcement Data Sharing Remains Unresolved
Blogs Will Change Your Business
Wurld Media Reveals Technology Behind Their Legitimate P2P File-Sharing Network, Peer Impact
Fox Net Sees Custom Ads from Visible

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