Monday, April 4, 2005

Headlines for 4 April 2005

Google 10-K: 'We’re a Media Company' and Other Tidbits
AP's Curley announces plan to help media reach Internet readers
The Electronic Investor: Blog, Blog, Blog
Inside Yahoo News: Aggregator brings RSS to the masses
The Customer is Crowned at Last
Thomson Gale Quietly Rolls Out New Business Service
The Brokerage and The Bot
Shore Report Reveals Best Practices for Mining New Profits from Existing Content
Yahoo Raises Profile With Hollywood Push
Global villages convene in wiki town halls
Vignette Awarded Patent for Content Localization and Personalization Technology
blinkx 3.0 Links Users to World's First Fully Integrated Search Tool
Intellisophic Taxonomies Fuel Inxight SmartDiscovery for More Accurate Search and Data Discovery

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