Thursday, April 7, 2005

LexisNexis and Content Services: It's All About the Need

Great content companies don't stop at one market with one type of delivery: they move into high-value solutions for specific needs no matter where they are. As Patricia Joseph points out in her new research, it can sometimes take you afar from what you thought was your core value proposition. LexisNexis is pushing their envelope for personal content services a little further yet by announcing InstantID Q&A, a new service that provides identification verification of customers at consumer points of contact. Companies like LexisNexis recognize clearly that having a license to distribute content is just the start of the value proposition and work constantly and aggressively to find new market opportunities for content services far beyond core database and search capabilities. As Mike Masnick notes in The Feature, it's the innovators in content services that are making the most effective inroads into new platforms such as mobile phones: content delivery is by and large a given that people understand replicates what they can get on other platforms. Content may or may not want to be free, but content wants a great service surrounding it to make it worth our while to keep caring about it. New content channels such as mobile phones and satellite radio will enjoy a period of happiness for content distributors based on being the first show in town, but without sophisticated content services tailored to specific users' needs, the same services equation will catch up with them as well soon enough.
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