Thursday, April 28, 2005

Newsweek Will Post Online Content Regularly to Boost Viewership

Online Media Daily notes that Newsweek magazine has opted to post articles on their Web site throughout the week, because - who'da thunk! - traffic falls off after their weekly postings. This is in addition to audio podcasts and Web-only content, indicating the rapidity with which major magazines are moving away from the "online exists to promote print subscriptions" model to a model that accepts the need to cultivate relationships with online readers as revenue-generating end unto itself. Weekly news magazines have a lot to lose in today's content mix as readers opt for a broad array of online events commentary with more focused editorial outlook dispensed in constant streams. Oftentimes adapting to user lifestyles means abandoning long-cherished product concepts ("We're a weekly magazine") and recognizing that controlled distribution is no longer as important as maximizing consumption through essentially limitless distribution channels. Print continues to play a role in this mix, but increasingly as a specialized outreach tool to maintain loyalty to online offerings. The sea changes overtaking publications born in the print era continue to mount in strength, challenging all publishers to consider how to market editorial content through as many channels and contexts as possible to allow users to discover content. Early days for these publications for radical online changes, but given the lack of profitable options, there's no choice but to adapt or die.
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