Friday, May 27, 2005

Business Media Rides High on Shifting Revenue Profiles

FOLIO: Magazine's recent poll of business media CEOs paints a picture of an industry with robust revenue growth over the past four years, with much of the growth coming in the past year of advertising renaissance. Much of the growth, according to the article, can be placed at the feet of business media companies working hard to diversify their revenue streams in that period In 2001, b-to-b media print ad revenues were 72.6 percent of the mix: in 2004, 66.7 percent. In the same period revenues from e-media, events and data soared to a combined 18.5 percent from 10.9 percent in 2001. The strengthening of business media clearly rides on the success of online properties and their ability to convert online communities into events communities effectively, with print retaining a key role as a relationship-building media for the briefcase-stuffing crowd. Unspoken in this mix, however, is the role of content distributed via aggregators such as Factiva and LexisNexis. While these channels remain important to business media the strengthening of these publications' online properties will continue to challenge traditional database services' ability to capture their increasing sophistication. Challenges also exist for business publications in serving enterprises trying to make the full value of these publications available via enterprise search engines and applications. There's plenty of good news for business publishers who are able to capture revenues shifting to online outlets, but still much work to be done adapt their content fully to an increasingly sophisticated professional audience that seeks to integrate business content more fully into applications solving business problems.
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