Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hair Trigger: AdSense Revenues, Accuracy May have Dived with London Bombing Focus

The "blogosphere" is of course abuzz with how yet again it has succeeded with first-hand coverage of the tragic events in London this past week, a capability which we have come to expect in an amazingly short period of time. Perhaps of more current interest, though, is a report from The Blog Herald that AdSense revenues went south on many Web sites and weblogs as the events unfolded, much in the same way that ad campaigns cancelled by news outlets covering the events harm these companies' revenues. Its hard to compete with realtime news in the click-driven world. At the same time contextual ads seem to have had a hard time adjusting to the realtime news flow. Ads focused on earlier disasters and "war on terror" interests surfaced as AdSense algorithms struggled to match existing ad inventories to brand-new events that had been identified neither as marketing opportunities or comprehensible contexts. One day events in London are about traffic, strikes and social happenings and the next it's a center of international terrorism. This argues for contextualization services that can adapt rapidly to such shifting categorization challenges, but there are times when contexts will appear that are going to be marketable only for a few brave and fast folks. Hopefully relief services were able to capitalize this week on the shifting focus of us click-minded souls. Sounds like an opportunity for those seeking premium click-through ad services.
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