Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Headlines for 26 July 2005

Yahoo's Brilliant Solution
Yahoo! opens 360 to outside blogging sites: end of blogging strategy for Yahoo?
May BIN In: Ad Revenue Up, Pages Off
InfoUSA board hires Lazard to consider buyout
McGraw-Hill Profit Rises 18%
For Paid Content, the Times They Are a Changin'
What's AP Got to Say?
When Cell Phones Become Oracles: MIT Dabbles in 'Reality Mining'
Watch Me Do This and That Online; Video Weblogs
A new look for library books
In praise of digital rights management
Paid Product Placement Surges In Magazines, Newspapers, Other Media
Business Website Content Copyright Violation Scare
BBC lets public ‘borrow’ its web content
Reuters Unveils Growth Strategy as Recurring Revenue Turns Positive
S&P Names Vlad Stadnyk to Head Data and Information Unit

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