Thursday, July 21, 2005's In-House Counsel Site Highlights Multiple Magazines in Rich Site

An excellent example of how the Web can help to reprovision magazine content very effectively can be seen in the recently announced debut of ALM's In-House Counsel Web site, a sub-site within ALM's Web site that provides a specific focus for editorial content from ALM's family of legal publications and databases. As with the site articles appear on the home page with the source publication name, along with tools specific to in-house counsels such as forms, papers and press releases on topics within this focus. The site draws heavily from ALM's Corporate Counsel magazine's content but there's also regional content from Texas Lawyer and case analysis from The Recorder in addition to content from other titles. There are also links to ALM's "blawgs" and other unique online content. This willingness to take content from any and all print titles as well as from online resources is the key to the future of serving focused audiences on the Web while bolstering the value of print titles. It avoids the "Well, I can get the whole thing on the Web anyway" syndrome, allowing titles to stand for advertising access to unique audiences in print format while building new slices of audiences online that pull from print content without forcing the print value issue head-on. Of course over time the online titles may generate print corollaries, but hopefully with some careful thinking about how print can be positioned in a much more customized manner for audiences captured on the Web. ALM has many great paradigms for publishers wrestling for models of online publishing excellence: toss this one on the pile.
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