Sunday, July 10, 2005

OneSource Relaunch Revamps Core Products and Repurposes Credit Data for Small Businesses

The recent OneSource announcement of new services and content for business information users was hailed by Information Today as "The 'New' OneSource" in its covering article. The quotes around the word "new" are probably apropos, since there's quite a bit of familiar content and functionality at the core of its product line. But with a major revamping of its production infrastructure, swapping out D&B company content with content from infoUSA and other sources and the addition of credit content and new specialized packaging for these sources there are a number of compelling new reasons to take a look at their content. infoUSA content helps to fuel their new Small Company Spectrum covering 13 million small businesses with both business profiles and business credit histories, while 160,000 private business profiles help to round out their core product with key hard-to-find information. I think that the most interesting aspect of this release from OneSource is the inclusion of credit information in the small business product. Folks in purchasing departments dealing with suppliers will certainly appreciate this information, but so will salespeople who need to sift through huge reams of small business prospects to figure out not only who's fitting the sales profile but also which accounts are also likely to pay off one you close with them. It's an interesting repurposing of content that may not have been thought of as sales-oriented by some. Through this new interface credit histories find a very comfy home in helping sales and marketing departments prioritize markets that are sometimes hard to quantify.
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