Thursday, July 21, 2005

Warming Up Weblogs: VNU Turns Up the Heat with FeedBurner Ads in RSS for Europe

Simply put, VNU is hot these days. They're taking no prisoners as they position business content more aggressively than ever for online consumption using the latest channels and tools along with its IMS Health merger to service corporate clients more effectively. The announced new relationship with FeedBurner to expand the use of FeedBurner's ad placement capabilities for RSS feeds of weblog content into VNU Business Media Europe publications is therefore only the most recent of significant moves by VNU. With just a sliver of the Web world using RSS feeds - and by less than 5 percent of business content purchasers in Shore's recent study of small to medium U.S. businesses - why should RSS advertising matter to business publications? Because it's the easiest way to bring business content from magazines into corporate Web portals without resorting to aggregation services. RSS feeds are easily managed and controlled by corporate I.T. teams, allowing the content to reach corporate users in a variety of venues and formats with little hassle. Services like FeedBurner provide the ability to insert ads for reach into those business users that gets lost in sanitized aggregation databases. It's the beginning of defining self-monetizing XML objects, first with ads and eventually with more sophisticated capabilities. So while it's a sliver of an audience now, better to start tooling up on your sophistication in deploying monetizable RSS services while it's still a growing audience to reach as many corporate users as possible profitably and flexibly. Small and hot can grow into quite a fire, they say.
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