Thursday, August 25, 2005

Going for All the Content: LexisNexis to Resell Yipes Network Services

LexisNexis provides a strong paradigm on many levels as to how business content providers can work with clients to solve a wide range business problems. Add to this paradigm the recently announced relationship with Yipes Enterprise Services, Inc. to resell their LegalConnect! secure, high-availability network solutions for law firms needing scalable access to hosted legal services. Using these services LexisNexis will provide a more productized packaging to their law firm-specific hosted services, which include document management, electronic discovery, off-site document repositories, backup and recovery and network services. The ability to intertwine client-owned content with published content grows ever stronger in the LexisNexis model, creating truly embedded business solutions that prosper with premium content but are not wholly reliant on them for the value of the solutions.

This grey space between solutions traditionally managed by I.T. departments and companies and traditional publishers and aggregators is ground zero for many marketing efforts leveraging The New Aggregation, echoed by Google's recent moves to blur the lines between what constitutes personal content technology services and general publishing services. We are going to see more efforts at packaging in premium content as part of specialized networking services for business as a new breed of solutions providers learn how to use premium content to build business solutions in a more source-agnostic manner. If your customers need pipes, you may as well fill them with what they want and need in spades - even if it's not content that's in your current dossier. Nothing new in many ways, but for business-oriented aggregators trying to figure out the shifting terrain of packaging valuable services for their clients looking at network solutions from a content perspective rather than a purely I.T. perspective can make one wonder why some content players are so keen to shed their network operations.
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