Monday, August 1, 2005

News Analysis - Now See Here: Online Video Enters the Mainstream of Business Content Services

Corporate video services supplying broadcast TV footage used to be rather sleepy affairs, forwarding tapes and transcripts well after broadcasts had aired. Today's Web-oriented video environment is changing this snoozy status quo rather rapidly, though. In addition to consumer-oriented moves by Yahoo!, Google and others, business-oriented Web services that can trigger awareness of online broadcasts seconds after they hit the airwaves are beginning to catch on in the marketplace. These services offer invaluable strategic and tactical input to corporate and governmental professionals, as well as a nifty supplemental revenue stream for broadcast outlets now able to reach behind-the-firewall online audiences. It's a young marketplace that's developing far more rapidly than many may imagine - a sure sign that more imagination may be required to harness profits from it sooner rather than later.

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