Monday, September 12, 2005

Bango Leverages PayPal for Buying Mobile Content

Mobile content is its own thing in many ways, with well-defined "choke points" where platform providers can define licensing arrangements with content partners that provide value-add points for subscription services. But clearly the open architecture of many mobile platforms calls out for a more free-flowing approach to content and services. Bango's announcement of a service linked to PayPal for on-demand content payments points the way to a broader array of content ecommerce-driven services beginning to make their way on to mobile platforms. This is obviously consumer-driven in its initial intent, but it's potential scope is far more than just ringtones and tunes. When people are mobile they're oftentimes in environments where content in a context specific to their location, a fact not lost of Google with its new networking efforts and one that should be exploited more actively for on-demand content purchases. Serving local markets is an "everything old is new again" play these days, and being able to put out both subscription and on-demand premium content is part of that evolving picture that should be considered carefully by content companies developing licensing agreements with mobile carriers.
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