Monday, September 19, 2005

Headlines for 19 September 2005

Google Search: 'AOL' and 'BUY'
Foreign media has ‘hit a brick wall’ in China
Niche journals both battle and embrace high tech
Yahoo! outlines plans for IPTV
User feedback drives five principles for multimedia news on the Web
Even a Darling of the Newspaper Industry Is Starting to Sweat a Bit
Study: B2B Users Need Better Content
Boston publisher uses an arsenal of visual techniques to appeal to today's learner
The Best Thing a Library Can Be Is Open
The 'We're Not Taking Any More' club: Mothers Fight Back Against File Sharing Suits
Pre-Browse The Content Of Any Site Via Look-Ahead Search
Highline Media acquires Bloomberg’s 'Wealth Manager' magazine
TimesSelect, the New Premium Online Offering from The New York Times, Debuts Today
Congressional Quarterly Unveils Greater Flexibility and Timeliness for Legislative Tracking Process Provides an Overview of Medical Malpractice Law
Apple's iPod 'Nano' Sets the Stage for 'Nanocasting' - A Business Model for Podcasting
Comtex Names Keith Kaplan Vice President

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