Friday, September 16, 2005

InfoUSA Boosts its Targeting of Data on Retail Businesses

The folks at InfoUSA have a peculiar habit of leaking interesting things into the press long before they are going to be a product reality, much less slideware. The following item in BtoB Online indicates that next year they will have "hours of operation, credit card acceptance, ad size in Yellow Pages directory, standard industry ad size code, advertising spend, Web address, and e-mail addresses." Wow, that was easy BizIntel, no? InfoUSA already supports many yellow pages providers with its business data, so it's not great surprise that more data supporting their sales and marketing list business extracted from profiles of yellow pages advertisers should be coming on board. While mass mailings and other large-scale campaigns are still important being able to "right-size" sales and marketing efforts with highly efficient filtering of prospects and markets demands much finer qualification of their prospects' sales and marketing profiles. But beyond these obvious traditional targets is a growing market for more sophisticated and localized approaches to online business profiling in online directories and more generalized community media. InfoUSA's database now includes business photos and GPS coordinates of business locations, data that will be well complemented by next year's non-yellow pages data in the hands of mobile users. InfoUSA is taking a number of interesting directions to position itself as a highly cost-effective provider of all things relating to small and medium sized consumer businesses, geared for consumption in a wide variety of venues. Now if only they could get those AdWords spends in their database...
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