Friday, September 16, 2005

QPass Responds to "Chaos" of Mobile Content administration

QPass, the content ecommerce service focused on mobile services after an ill-fated run on the Web, notes in a PC World article that though deals for mobile distribution of content are mushrooming, the back-office aspects of administering payouts to content vendors from network providers oftentimes are crude at best - sometimes still in the "punch it into the spreadsheet" mode. QPass sees its streamlined administration of content ecommerce that's friendly to both users and content vendors as a logical solution for this dilemma. In part they're probably right - most technology companies are not equipped to deal with the issues that come from being the "choke point" in premium content aggregation. The question is, why are they bothering? It's typical to find in an early phase of content technology channel development exclusive deals to promote end-user appeal, as in the early days of CompuServe and Dialog exploiting pre-Web network connections. But the mobile content marketplace comes to us in a post-Web era, in which effective and powerful content services are being aggregated from both professional and personal sources of content far more quickly than any traditional content licensing deal can encompass. Mobile content will benefit most from a more open approach to content distribution that moves as quickly as possible from proprietary licensing "choke point" approaches to a more object-oriented model that can collect fees on the fly from any Web-based content service using mobile connectivity. In the meantime it's a field day for lawyers and consultants specializing in licensing.
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