Thursday, October 13, 2005

Headlines for 13 October 2005

Comcast, Google said to be in talks with Time Warner about stakes in AOL portal
Will lawmakers raise shields to protect bloggers?
Paper view technology
Yahoo Japan steps up mobile content distribution
Unplugged: Information Overload Requires a Human Solution
'Wall Street Journal's 'Weekend Edition' finds big readership
Blogging Predicted by 19th Century Russian Prince
A Marriage of Bookshelf and Phone
Google print: doing no evil
Blackboard to Discuss Merger at Town Hall-Style Information Sessions at EDUCAUSE 2005
International Herald Tribune to Launch Daily 'Marketplace' Section with Bloomberg
Nstein Technologies Raises $4.1 Million in Senior Secured Convertible Notes
Knovel Adds IEE's EMIS Datareviews and Springer-Verlag's Landolt Bornstein Electronics Content
The NewsMarket Sees Record Demand For Digital Delivery Of Video As Breaking Events Dominate News
LexisNexis Negative News Search Helps Identify People Or Organizations With Negative Affiliations
Business News Americas Expands Coverage of Information Technology in Latin America

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