Monday, October 17, 2005

Headlines for 17 October 2005

Big Media's Challenge: Taking on the Tech Giants
Magazine and trade show deals nearly double in third quarter
Yahoo seeks 1 million sq. ft.
RIM's Helping Hand from Palm
Pluck launches on Shadows Web site All the News That You Can Use. And More.
Authoritative Voices: Who Will You Listen To?
Here's Looking at your Future, Kid: The Media Buying Environment of 2020
TV Downloads May Undercut ABC Stations
Google To Host Home-Video Uploads
Intelliseek to Provide AOL With Daily Blog Trend Analysis
FosteReprints in licensing deal with Reuters
Blackboard and Agilix Labs Release Backpack -- New Mobile Learning Application
WebSideStory Helps Build Advertiser Loyalty and Increase Sales
ChoicePoint Debuts 3 Direct Marketing Products

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