Monday, October 24, 2005

Headlines for 24 October 2005

Publishers to build own online book network
The 800-pound Google
The Parsons Project: Time Warner Chairman Talks Strategy
Why You Should Pay to Read This
Google exec touts communities, content over APIs
Blog to Wiki
Brand Blogs Capture the Attention of Some Companies
Motorola admits the ROKR iPod phone doesn't ROLL
Calls for New Metrics, Recognition of Product Placement Dominate 2005 AMC
Are Magazines Recapturing Leadership of Media World?
Kalikow - Music Business Information Guru Launches Mobile Business Information Group (Mbig.Com)
Scirus to Index Caltech Digital Archives
Reed Business Information Announces the BioDiscovery Expo 2005 - Free Online Conference
Dow Jones Newsletters Launches New Publication on Flourishing Hedge-Fund Industry
OneSource Releases Government Data Tool
Leading Brokers and Banks to Implement Reuters Post Trade Notification Service
ABN AMRO inks exclusive distribution agreement with Thomson Financial for embargoed research
Elsevier Society News Group to Launch CHEST Physician

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