Monday, October 3, 2005

Headlines for 3 October 2005

Yahoo backs new digital book group
Google, Yahoo, and eBay: Next-Generation Conglomerates?
Google Morphs Into Multifaceted Juggernaut
Google offers San Francisco Wi-Fi -- for free
Deal pace accelerates in media and information industry
ChoicePoint tries to regain trust
Google: Fit for intelligence work?
Race to Rate Hedge Funds Begins in Heavy Fog
The Ad-Averse: Finicky and Opinionated
The current state of the Web
How Is Information Passed Around the Web?
The New Publisher CEO Skill Set
SanDisk Innovation Bolsters DRM on Flash Memory
Steal this idea: Browser-based microformat plugins
R.H. Donnelley to Acquire Dex MediaCreates Nation's Third Largest Yellow Pages Company
Bernard Gray Steps Down as CEO of CMPi
King County Library System Announces Online NewsRoom

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