Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pajama Party: Pajamas Media Collects Top Journalism Stars for Blogging

As CNET News notes there is a new collection of online and traditional media journalists who are congregating under the banner of Pajamas Media to aggregate news and news commentary weblogs. Founders Charles Johnson and Roger Simon took up the blogging bug after seeing the ability of weblogs to break news stories and to "out-report the mainstream media" on breaking and investigative news. But certainly the success of weblog parties such as The Huffington Post, a collection of weblogs from journalists and media commentators surrounded by news links, provides encouragement that the personalities aggregation model with an editorial wrapper of news links can be highly successful. The Huffington Post is now in the low 3,000s in the site rankings, easily doubling their traffic levels in less than two months' time and closing in on a comparative basis with long-established, a semi-premium site with a similar focus but built around a more traditional journalism model. When it comes to online content people go where the party is, with weblogs providing a movable feast of personalities and quick responses from autonomous contributors to developing events that have made them the party captains of a wide variety of subject matter areas. Bringing more talent to a common party amplifies the buzz that much more, with commentary from readers providing the background noise that makes it all the more interesting. The final product of Pajamas Media will have to speak for itself but for now collaborative "party" media via weblogs seems to have the ability to move news and ads very effectively in today's online news environment.
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