Thursday, October 6, 2005

Reuters Builds for the Top End with EcoWin Acquisition

Reuters is hoping that getting more unique high-value content under its wings will help to pump up its profile against the growing strength of Thomson Financial and the pervasive presence of Bloomberg, LP. And why not - it's a strategy that has served aggregators well for many years. The latest Reuters acquisition announcement is EcoWin, a purveyor of global economic and financial data and analysis tools that provides both its own data and tools and add-on content from major banks, associations and commercial sources. In addition to its own desktop capabilities EcoWin integrates with the EViews statistical analysis package popular with quant analysts and economists, helping their content to fit in easily with established tools and workflows. This is a smart move by Reuters, providing high-end content that doesn't require immediate integration into an all-purpose desktop tool and opens the door to further content integration. With more databases and tools such as EcoWin under its belt Reuters can continue to chip away at high-end users whose needs are not so easily subsumed in the increasingly automated securities business that will leave fewer general-purpose financial content users to prop up content vendor profits. This means more highly specialized services that will be responsive to rapidly shifting content needs. It may not be the market data business of old, but if that's where the users are, then you follow them.
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