Wednesday, November 2, 2005

BlackBerries Get Plump on Real-Time Data from Reuters and UBS

As announced by Reuters global financial giant UBS will be combining real-time data from Reuters and UBS internal financial data via the Reuters Market Data System (RMDS) service installed at UBS offices. This private wireless service leverages the already-popular BlackBerry devices used by many financial professionals but now feeds them with content worthy of institutional trading. The phrase "real-time" has been abused by many newcomers to electronic content, including those providing financial services on wireless platforms such as BlackBerries; now comes the real "real-time" stuff. Reuters has been pumping wireless real-time content since the days when pagers were hip, but the BlackBerry platform provides analysis and graphing tools that make it a more complete real-time offering. With fewer traders staring at market data displays these days supporting the mobile needs of financial professionals focusing on face-to-face opportunities is becoming an increasingly important part of the workflow that financial content providers must support regularly. Reuters is hardly the first to pry open this space but their arrival with their core data strengths signals an upping of the stakes for mobile content for financial professionals.
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