Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Growing the Economy: Moody's Purchase Broadens its Financial Research Offerings

The financial research marketplace is no easy patch of ground to work these days. Large investment firms such as Fidelity are trying to strip research from major banks and brokerages from their trade execution pricing and there are a forest of research offerings from independent analysts and Indian vendors that are covering many topics very cost-effectively. So news from BtoB Online that Moody's Investors Service is picking up comes as an interesting move to help Moody's keep in focus with professional financial analysts who are more likely than ever to be "rolling their own" financial analysis in an era of Fair Disclosure regulations that have made access to corporate data more widespread. features a wide array of modeling tools and databases covering global markets with economic and credit risk data that allows financial modeling on many levels. More than just an acquisition of a stable of electronic publications, this purchase gives Moody's increased ability to sell a range of content solutions to analysts who may respect credit research offerings from Moody's and other research vendors but who want to see for themselves how the numbers really fly to gain a market advantage. Sometimes the solution is not what you're putting in to a research product but which research products a customer really needs to make a profitable investment decision.
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