Friday, December 2, 2005

Factiva Taxonomy Supports Fitch Research Offerings: Partnering to Meet Sector Workflow Needs

Factiva's deal with LexisNexis to distribute their business news and information database into the legal sector gave them instant penetration via one of the most sophisticated tools available on legal desktops. Now comes the announcement of Factiva providing its Company Taxonomy tools to Fitch Ratings' Research product with company relationship data that will allow their research subscribers to navigate complex company relationships more easily. A toehold for more content yet to come? That's speculation, of course, but it demonstrates the wisdom of recognizing that an aggregation product cannot develop the perfect workflow for every audience. Savvy partnering with those products who "own" specific workflow relationships can make all the difference in creating market penetration where it's difficult to establish all-new channels cost-effectively. That's nothing new, but with greater flexibility to provide portions of their aggregation capabilities such as taxonomy toolkits today's aggregators are finding a much broader array of methods in which to enhance content through a partners' platform. As Web services become more sophisticated we'll see an even broader array of partnering capabilities open up for licensors and licensees. It's no longer just "let's license the feed" to get things going.
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