Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Web 2.0 Backlash? Content 2.X is in Control

There was a great collection of headlines on paidContent.org highlighting some of the mounting skepticism surrounding the Web 2.0 movement. In summary the inability of Web 2.0 protagonists to define the boundaries of this buzzword sometimes makes it difficult for it to mean something that can really translate into a serious discussion, much less a business plan. Even Richard MacManus, one of the people initiating the use of this concept, has pulled the plug on Web 2.0, saying that he plans to be "focusing on more media-related web technology." We pulled the plug on Web 2.0 in October, of course, arguing that Web 2.0 was the tail of the content dog that's wagging easily deployed publishing technologies in more venues than ever before. At the time we said "Content 2.X is the technology business evolving along with the publishing business into a common content business in partnership with their audiences." We're still on target, as far as I can see. There is a lot of great creative thinking revolving and evolving around the easily deployed technologies that are at the center of Web 2.0, but the real opportunity is in creating monetizable content value, not infrastructure. This is something that publishers and media companies are getting better at day by day as they learn how to focus on user needs in a plethora of new contexts. Web 2.0 is dead: long live Content 2.x!
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