Monday, January 30, 2006

Newsvine Tunes in Content Communities to Share and Create News

User-generated media is still a work in progress, trying to find a model that allows it to amplify the best of mainstream media sources while adding its own unique value with original works. As noted in our earlier News Analysis on Gather mixing the two together in a community-driven publishing environment with monetary rewards for publishers is one important key to develop both ratings and loyalty, but we suggested that it would be nice to make the model more open and to onpass revenues directly to publishers. A new "private" beta product called Newsvine seems to be striking the right balance between core media, content, community commentary and original publishing. Newsvine takes news wire content from AP and wraps comments, chats, and rankings around them, but also provides the ability for users to "seed" other stories from Web links and to build the same type of community content around them, as well as around content posted from community members.

Newsvine content can be fed via RSS or a Javascript tool that allows headlines from an RSS feed to be embedded in a Web page. Users whose content attracts ad clicks will get to keep the ad revenue from those pages, so there's a high motivation both to contribute content and to make a community aware of it. While the front-and-center AP content may offer a little less of a homespun community feel compared to a service like Gather it offers both strength and neutrality that is likely to accelerate contributions from a wider array of individuals who are looking for a tool that offers more real content and community than a Digg and more of an open model than a Gather. Newsvine is in its very early days but it seems to strike the most powerful balance between content from individuals and mainstream sources to date - with reasons for people to grow with the service that jingle in the pocket.
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