Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Zoominfo Connects with A9.com to Power People Searches

While Amazon's A9 search engine is not the most popular search engine on the Web its federated approach to finding high-value content on the Web is gaining validity and a broadening audience as the range of content types and sources available via the Web soars. So a partnership between A9 and personal profile aggregator Zoominfo to make their content easily accessed via A9 seems like a natural fit. Click on a checkbox for "people" on the A9 interface and you'll get a column of Zoominfo listings next to your other search results. Click on an individual profile and you're off to the Zoominfo listing for that person. Maybe not the sexiest thing in the world, but good luck finding another provider integrating personal bios for millions of professionals into a major search portal. An affiliation with a major search engine has been a key requirement for Zoominfo to move up from being a reasonably popular destination to a default "go to" source for personal profiles. Hopefully this alliance gives Zoominfo a boost in recognition that can be used to increase its range of user-generated content to supplement its web-mined content. The breadth and quality of its unique destination content seems to be the key to Zoominfo's continuing growth, leaving other services such as LinkedIn that lack a broad base of compelling content far behind.
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