Wednesday, March 29, 2006

OneSource's Account Intelligence Pumps Leads and Data Direct to Clients

InfoUSA's OneSource Information Services has announced the addition of its Account Intelligence service to's AppExchange add-on software and content service store. The service pumps cleansed contact data and relevant news, research and data on companies right into a user's service, with administrative controls similar to OneSource's earlier offerings via this service. In playing with the AppExchange kit it's interesting to see how self-service sales for business content services have been extended to provide a sophisticated sales presence online. In addition to product information sheets and user reviews OneSource provides a slide show with built-in audio narrative based on Macromedia's Breeze application narrated by a sales executive. It's a reminder that people buy business content at the "point of pain" and that both services and marketing need to follow the users into the contexts that they value most to have those pain points addressed. Being able to get content into user workflows on an as-needed basis took a huge step forward when introduced AppExchange: now it's time for more business content providers to examine how both services and marketing can move to where users have the need and to sell them in context on the value of their services.
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