Friday, April 21, 2006

A Quick Muse on Memory Sticks: You Know It's Content When It's Pretty

I just opened up a gift box from a company for whom I provided a presentation at a private gathering and discovered to my pleasant surprise a 500MB memory stick beautifully bound in leather and brushed metal (photo and details). Memory sticks are now very popular as trade show giveaways, but this is a keeper, to be sure. It's very much like the difference between a fine leather-bound book and a trade paperback - except that the content inside could be anyone's, including my own. Packaging content in digital form doesn't mean that people don't care about its physical manifestation, but today's content user is less concerned about the specific item that's being cared for and more about the ability to have a treasured collection in the places where they need it most. Accessories such as my new memory stick are simple reminders that portable content is highly revered by today's users, independent of any one device on which it makes an appearance. Thanks for the gift!
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