Thursday, April 20, 2006

SIIA Brown Bag Lunch Video - Personal Knowledge Management: Building Actionable Content from Collaborative Publishing

Missed yesterday's Brown Bag panel? It was an excellent session, my thanks to the panelists who I moderated for a very insightful and informative event. SIIA members may catch up with it by following the link below (check in with Marion Janic if you need help logging in):

Panel summary:

Personal Knowledge Management is engaging individuals with today’s advanced collaborative publishing tools to create groups of people in enterprises and beyond who can communicate far more effectively with one another than ever before. From finance to major industries to the open Web these tools are creating bodies of content that leverage the insights, knowledge and opinions of actively engaged contributors to enable them to understand what a group as a whole understands with amazing speed and effectiveness. The technologies used to accomplish this can vary quite a bit, but they all have the same net effect: groups as large as entire enterprises can all be on the same page to respond to major opportunities and challenges without a lot of support from traditional content and technology providers. This panel will explore how Personal Knowledge Management tools are making it easier than ever for people to share knowledge with one another and how publishers will need to adapt their marketing strategies to publishing environments in which personally engaged users are the center of the value equation for content.

My panelists included:
Bob Serr, CTO, Parlano
Matthew Mahoney, Business Development, Socialtext
Greg Lloyd, President and Founder, Traction Software, Inc.
Ben Elowitz, CEO,

I'll post a News Analysis summing up the panel later this week.
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