Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Inxight Search Extender for Google Brings Sophisticated Clustering and Entity Extraction to a Familiar Enterprise Interface

The rap against Google's enterprise search strategy revolves oftentimes around its lack of sophisticated presentation of taxonomies and categorization, strengths enjoyed many familiar names in enterprise search. But using the interfaces provided into the Google Search Appliance and Google Desktop Inxight Software has announced the integration of its content extraction and content clustering capabilities to content retrieved by Google's enterprise search technology. As demonstrated at the Enterprise Search Summit conference today in New York City, the Inxight Search Extender clusters search results into dynamically generated categories, providing both topic-oriented views and extracted content in categories such as "People, Places, Date/Time, Product, Currency" and so on. Right-clicking on the results can allow one to hook into content from subscription services such as LexisNexis or Hoover's or to online services such as Google Earth.

That's pretty handy in and of itself, but the kicker is that Inxight can also flip this around and provide on-the-fly clustering for Google results in its Intelliseek-based Inxight SmartDiscovery federated search technology. With the SmartDiscovery interface the Google results are exposed as one of several aggregated internal and external sources, providing a relatively quick and simple integration across both structured and unstructured content sources, including premium content. This helps to narrow that gap between traditional business intelligence applications and Google-crawled content that much further, as well taking away some breathing space from more sophisticated enterprise search engines, enterprise subscription aggregators and auto-clustering tools trying to define their own niche.

Using the OneBox application development program Google has insinuated its way into a wide variety of valuable mainstream enterprise applications (see our earlier weblog entry), making it as easy for users to look up purchase orders in an Oracle database as it is to track a FedEx package online. This rapidly growing network of affiliates extends many of Google's online philosophies for content integration deep into enterprises. The Inxight Search Extender is a fairly simple example of this growing strategy, but one which makes it clear that labeling Google Enterprise as an unsophisticated newcomer underplays the strengths of its rapidly growing range of leading solutions partners. This is one area in which it turns out that Google plays very well with others, indeed.
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