Monday, June 5, 2006

Heads Up: Froogle's Admin Hooks Migrate to Google Base

I've been in an email exchange with someone who insists that weblogs don't break important news. Well, here's a wonderful and simple example at Search Engine Roundtable. What does it mean that the administration of Google's Froogle online shopping service is migrating to Google Base? Not much, according to Google's Help Pages:
Froogle's search results will remain separate from Google Base. However, the Froogle Merchant Center is being replaced by the Google Base dashboard. Items submitted to Google Base which are appropriate for Froogle will be displayed both in Froogle and in Google Base search results.
In other words, it's another step towards Google Base becoming an all-purpose mart that can provide eBay-like ecommerce services for a broad array of content, goods and services. Just a minor technical migration, right? Thinking of the "Google Health is coming" meme that was circulating a few weeks back when in fact it was Google Coop that was coming along, it generally pays to look at some of the little details that come along from the Googleplex to see how the big picture is developing.
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