Friday, July 7, 2006

Homes to Go Client-Server: Will Content Vendors Follow?

A recent research report announced by ABI estimates that sales of home-based content servers are expected to exceed USD 44 billion by 2011. The estimate includes both PCs as well as proprietary set-top boxes, game consoles and other home devices. Great news for consumers but a little problematic for content vendors who are still locked into strategies that will tie them down to specific delivery platforms. If the trend is to have a local library of content available on a home network server that can be used throughout the home, it would seem that it would be worthwhile for content vendors to consider how they can develop more platform-independent strategies through the evolution of these devices. The same question could be asked in enterprise circles also, of course, with similar issues: why can't content companies just drop off what I want and need on our local server via a feed with packaging that allows us to use and reuse the content effectively in many internal and external venues with as few hassles as possible? Yet again, it may be consumer technology that will be leading B2B content companies to effective answers.
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