Thursday, November 9, 2006

Headlines for 9 November 2006

Google Reveals Copyright-Infringement Suit Against Its Video-Sharing Service
AOL says portals are passe
VNU Business Media to Break Into Six Operating Groups
FOLIO: Magazine
Old Media and New Media: Friends, Not Foes
Google… the OS for Advertising
Microsoft Strikes Payment Deal for Music with Universal
The New York Times*
Disruption Opportunity: Beating Google at Their Own Game
Read/Write Web
Study Finds Google Favors Wikipedia
Micro Persuasion
On The Convergence of Email and Chat (Google and Apple Get It)
Social Web Design
A Closer Look at Google OneBox Results
Search Engine Watch
Domain Name Registrar, dotMobi, Surpasses 200,000
CPU Review
Online newspapers and the 2006 election: bland ambitions?
USC Annenberg OJR
Billionaires Fight to Buy The Los Angeles Times
The New York Times*

Best Practices
Is DRM Good Or Bad For Consumers?
PC World

Cool Tools
Get lost! Google Maps Mobile with GPS Integration
Google Blog
The More the Merrier: Google Base Bulk Upgrades
Ecommerce Guide

Deals, Parnerships & Sales
Thomson Scientific And PartMiner Form New Partnership
VNU BME Expands Reach of Lead Generation Solution KnowledgeStorm Europe

Products, Markets & People Launches Web 2.0 Marketplace for Bloggers to Sell Premium User-Generated Content
PR Web
Software offers healthcare solution for Blackberry
Elsevier Announces Major Expansion to Books Program on ScienceDirect
PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance
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