Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bloggers as NewsMasters: A Glimpse into News that Feeds News

We watch a heck of a lot of content to build our weblog, but boy, Mike Arrington at TechCrunch is a feedaholic. The Blog Herald picks up on a listing of 373 RSS feeds that Arrington uses as sources and background for his news gathering. While there are a number of mainstream feeds tossed into this mix, the vast majority of these sources are weblogs or other born-on-the-web sources that have little to do with mainstream media. TechCrunch's focus on the latest and greatest news in online technologies makes weblog feeds a natural for sourcing news, but it's also an indication of how news in general needs to be sourced today. With virtually any individual a potential global publisher in their own right news now rarely waits for any one media organization to break it to the world. It's as much about being able to get the aggregation of potential sources right and to be able to monitor them effectively.

A list of feed bookmarks or social bookmarking services are places to start with news aggregation, but hardly better than the mess that pushed financial institutions decades ago into developing far more sophisticated news aggregation capabilities. Expect more news services to arise that help individuals and institutions to monitor the world of personal and enterprise publishing to come up with their own "front pages" - with our without news media companies leading the way.
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