Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Headlines for 24 January 2006

Profit Down, Outlook Up at Yahoo
The New York Times*
Is this the end of the scholarly journal?
Christian Science Monitor
Push 2.0: Big Brands Line Up To Deliver Content Directly To Windows Vista Desktops
Information Week
Murdoch Joining With Chandlers On Tribune Bid? Would Be Minority Partner: Report
Google Adds Blog Search OneBox
Google Operating System
Let's get together: New Google Groups out of Beta
Google Blog
Editor James O'Shea unveils Web initiative at LA Times
The Los Angeles Times
InfoUSA to run Super Bowl spot
BtoB Online
Murdoch Said to Join Tribune Bid
The New York Times*
Grooveshark, first LEGAL P2P music service?
Zero Paid
Talks Signal Distaste by Chandlers For Tribune's Newspaper Business
WSJ Online*

Best Practices
The Impact of Web 2.0 on Business Portals
B-Eye Network
Study: B-to-B Publishers Produce 33 Percent More Webcasts in 2006
FOLIO: Magazine
Markets for Rights Do Not Make a Wrong

Cool Tools
Microsoft Working on 'Immortal' Content Storage Project
AP via Editor & Publisher
Near-Time Enables Ad Hoc Group Organization via Task Management

Deals, Parnerships & Sales
Sonic Foundry Unveils Enhanced Multi-Modal Search Capabilities on
PR Newswire

Products, Markets & People
Autonomy Introduces the Intelligent Contact Center
PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance
Dow Jones to Enhance Factiva SalesWorks for AppExchange
DMN Newswire
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