Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Complimentary Download - Content Industry Outlook 2007: Reality Checks

After a 2006 filled with blockbuster mergers, acquisitions and breakthroughs in the content industry by social media products the pace of change for content producers in 2007 doesn't promise to slow down a whit - and in fact is likely to gain steam as a stalling economy promises to push slow-to-change publishers off the stage altogether and to accelerate the shift to electronic revenues in Web and mobile venues. This means that there will be “reality checks” for both new and emerging players in content and for established players that had bet on a more leisurely transition to new sources of revenues. In Outlook 2007 Shore focuses on seven key "A"s for the new year: Answers, Audience, Aggregation, APIs, Alternatives, Acceleration and Asia. This complimentary ShoreViews report provides an overview of Shore’s major themes for the content industry in 2007.

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