Wednesday, March 28, 2007

ABM Digital Velocity: Setting the Pace for B2B Media

From the wilds of Scottsdale, Arizona back to the right coast via the redeye brings me to ABM's Digital Velocity event, drawing more than 230 people to learn the best practices for accelerating digital revenue growth in B2B media. The room is totally packed. Full disclosure: Shore is a member of the ABM Digital Media Council, so I have my bias as to the quality of this program, having served on the program planning committee. I think that the committee worked very hard to put together a very meaty event, and the level of attendance seems to reflect its anticipated value. I am not going to live-blog every panel, but I will be posting through the event in our events weblog and posting links here.

Keynote - Dr. Jim Taylor, Harrison Group
Organize for Tomorrow's Success
Empower your Workforce for the New Digital Landscape
Lunch Break with the Vendors
Venture Capital and the New Valuation Paradigms
Editorial/Content Strategies in a User-Generated World
Implementing a Web Content Management System
The Business of Working with IT
Best Practices to Web-Based Media Kits
Critical Role of Audience Development
The New Metrics That Run Your Business
Buying and Selling in the Digital World
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